• Zone 1 : Group briefimg about the farm past to present . And the available activities for visitors.
  • Zone 2 : Take photos with our old machinery.
  • Zone 3 : Close encounter with our farm animals : Sheeps , miniature cows , miniature horses, rabbits , Thai traditional animals such as buffaloes, jungle fowl , ducks. You may choose to experience feeding them with milk , feeds and grass and enjoy many other activities.
  • Zone 4 : Our restaurant is designed like a giant corncob is uniquely designed and with texture that will blend well with our farm natural ambience.
  • Zone 5 : Natural and seasoned vegetation to please your senses and to be your seasonal photo spots.
  • Zone 6 : Visit our cornfield. Learn how corn is grown , its life cycle. Corn vegetative and reproductive stages. Experience the planting or harvesting corns.
  • Zone 7 : Visit our genuine traditional Thai houses. Each is more than 50 years old. Learn more about traditional Thai livelihood and farming tools.You have optional studio photography at site.
  • Zone 8 : Observe traditional organic rice planting method . You will learn more about the way of life of the Thai farmers. Get to know our Albino buffaloes and take a few photos with them.
  • Zone 9 : Visit our very own organic vegetable and ornimental plants. With our soon to come cooking class. We will demonstrate the concept of "Farm to table"
  • Zone 10 : Our Factory or giant kitchen. Where fresh corns from our farm are processed into various corn products daily.
  • Zone 11 : Polish your photography skills with our numerous photo spots and beautiful seasonal flowers, our props and mascots.
  • Zone 12 : You will get a bird's eye view of our farm , from our iconic tree house that rise above 10 meters. It is designed to blend with the natural environment.
  • Zone 13 : Enjoy shopping at our very own minimart . We have our fresh farm produce , seasonal fruits and vegetables , and more than 100 items products and souvenirs.

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Map Of Vanichfarm