About Us

Vanich Farm is a large garden covering approximately 45 rai area of land, designed to demonstrate the actual environment, planting process, and growing stages of sweet corn farming. The raising yellow sweet corn and its lush green leaves, amongst colorful seasonal flowers and weaving sun hemps are just a few experiences to be impressed.

Vanich Farm, provides an Agro-Edutainment Tour at one of the largest field in the Southern Thailand. The farm offers agro-tourism activities with a guided tour showing all facilities, including the production of corn milk, green corn field, rice paddy field, and various flower plots. in addition, there are outdoor learning experiences such as “pick your own corn” and “harvest your own vegetables” which is a true experience of “Farm to Table”

Vanich Farm is designed to be an Agriculture and cultural based learning centre. Visitors can have hands-on experience of crop production and/or harvesting methods. How Thai culture and lifestyle seamlessly intertwined with agriculture. Organic Garden is here to feed our soon to arrive restaurant (Mid of Jan 16). Vibrant horticulture plots and props are here to add colors and photo spots for our visitors.